About Craftsman-at-Arms

This blog is meant to showcase my work, process, advancements, and tutorials as well as document experiences in recreating history. Its focus is 14th Century material culture: art, heraldry, clothing and accessories, leatherwork, archery, arms, armor, and more. We learn something new every day, both in finding it in old sources and through living history experiments. Medieval reenactment is not an exact science and will ever be a work in progress. I hope visitors find some use in my writings; whether they be practical, inspirational, or simply entertaining. Thank you for your time!

cropped-11826062_10206906305433865_9004132442720513881_n.jpgSociety for Creative Anachronism
Arthur Nathaniel Archer is an English nobleman during the reign of Edward III. He is an archer, craftsman, and soldier in the army of the Middle Kingdom.





hob.jpgOrder of Saint Sebastian
Robert “Hob” de Warwyck was born in 1330 in Warwickshire, England, near Kenilworth Castle owned by Henry of Grosmont. He served as a household archer Duke of Lancaster, fought in the battle of Poitiers and the siege of Rennes in 1356. Hob remained stationed in Calais, while the Duke has gone to campaign in Rheims. Currently in the county of Kent to test his skills against other archers for a chance to take another tour of France with the levy.



me.jpgThe real me
My name is Bo. Born and raised in north central Illinois currently residing in central Indiana. My degree is in Visual Communications and I work as a graphic designer primarily in the print production field. Outdoorsman and Eagle Scout. Craftsman and medievalist.


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