Irons in the Fire

As I add the finishing touches on a new medieval bench (you’ll get a post about that soon enough) I wondered how many projects I skipped ahead in line to sneak this little one in. I’ve kept hand-written or typed up lists of current projects over the years but  never with much detail; a note here about what color fabric or a sketch there to help me visualize the final product. Today I compiled a master list of all the medieval projects I have planned. This is not a dream list for future projects, for all of them have already been started in some manner. For the majority, it’s gathering raw materials and a drawing or pattern has been created. For others, I have almost everything done but final assembly. I won’t show you the chaos that is the spreadsheet, but here’s a list of projects on my to-do list:

  • Splinted vambraces
  • Cervelliere
  • Great Helm
  • Gamboised cuisses
  • Gambeson
  • Spring Stainless Coat of Plates
  • Heraldic Surcoat – Personal Arms
  • Heraldic Surcoat – Sternfeld and/or Constellation Arms
  • Crest & Mantle for Great Helm
  • Three white linen undertunics
  • Green Linen Tunic
  • Green wool cote for Cut & Thrust – Herjolfness #63
  • Blue wool hood for Cut & Thrust
  • Romance of Alexander half sleeve cote w/ tippets
  • Romance of Alexander cotehardie
  • Romance Hood
  • Red wood half sleeve cote w/ tippets
  • Slate blue wool cotehardie
  • Square hood using Edyth’s pattern
  • Linen braies and chausses for James Edgarson
  • Short Cloak – Buttoned at collar
  • Fighting boots based on old ones
  • Tall front lace boots
  • Oxblood turnshoes
  • Vegetable tanned turnshoes
  • Romance of Alexander Pouch
  • Romance of Alexander Belt
  • Romance of Alexander Shoes
  • Black riding boots for Cut & Thrust
  • Leather costrel
  • Leather archery bracer
  • Blank heater shield
  • Heater shield w/ Firebrand
  • Deed of Arms guest book
  • Deed of Arms tokens/jetons
  • Red wool hood with rayonney dags
  • Deed  barrier
  • Trestle Table
  • 2 Matching Longswords
  • 2 Matching 6′ Spears
  • 2 Matching Arming Swords
  • Paint pavilion
  • 2 dozen turkey fletched arrows
  • Sword for Cut & Thrust
  • Romance of Alexander Baselard
  • Coining punch dies
  • Coining dies, top and bottom
  • Steel base for coining
  • Gawain and the Green Knight book
  • Redo lanterns with horn pane or waterproofed vellum

So I was not discouraged from the length of that list, I wrote down all the projects I had done over the last 12 months. It helped.

  • Moira’s round viking shield
  • Buckler for C&T
  • Robert’s surcoat
  • 4 pairs of wool chausses
  • Wool hood – heather
  • Man at arms belt
  • Tooled sheath for bollock dagger
  • Hatchet sheath
  • Buckler for personal deed of arms
  • Firebrand escutcheon for aventail
  • Firebrand silk banner
  • Heart of the Midlands banner
  • Martial contracts for Pennsic
  • Sara’s Royal Vanguard scroll
  • Amber rosary with buffalo horn cross
  • Coral bead tasseled rosary
  • Medieval tiles for Cecil, William, Savaric & Julianna
  • Medieval tile mosiac based on 14c. Nottingham
  • Canvas shade for deed of arms
  • Walnut gothic bench
  • Pine gothic bench
  • Coin die, one side
  • Black belt with pewter mounts

I’m still unsure if writing lists is just another form of procrastination or if it aids in completing projects. Either way, I have shown my ability to get things done so that’s what I’ll continue to do. Medieval events make fantastic “deadlines” and we are at the beginning of the summer camping season so I expect to get a lot done. Stay tuned for details on some of these projects as I knock them off the list.


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