Late Medieval Martial Service Contracts at Pennsic War XL, Part VI – Woods & Weather

There is always uncertainty about the woods battle as it is literally people fighting in between a bunch of trees. Tuesday afternoon we received word that we would have to fight the alternate scenario on the battlefield. Some people were overjoyed not to fight in the woods. Others, like myself, were sad about the change. Then there was the threat of weather. This year’s Pennsic was hot. Not brutally hot but it bordered on uncomfortable and potentially unsafe if you weren’t careful. Rain was also forecast for Thursday. It wasn’t shaping up to be a great day but this was my Midlands day and I would not have missed it even if I was not bound by contract.

I arrived at their camp as the rest of the fighters were armoring up. Once again I was grateful for the group wagon to carry some of my things when we mustered under the field pavilion. The captains did their usual huddle to discuss rules and tactics while the rest of us relaxed and waited for orders. We get orders. And then changed orders. Then it was time to fight. That part I knew. Lining up with my Midlands pals was second nature. Take the flag in the center and hold it. It was a timed battle with no holds to check to see who controlled the flag. Another last minute change: there will be holds to check who controls the flag. Okay, go!

We dug in, stuck together, and did our work. Long story short, we had numerous holds and the original 90 minutes was dropped to 60 minutes then I think to just 35 minutes before they called the battle over due to a heat advisory. It wasn’t particularly fun and we all  went back to camp… and arrived just as the storm came in. We snacked, drank, and chatted until the rain ended then chatted a little more. It was good to socialize with those fine people.

My half of the Midlands contract with payment of spices.

Only Friday to go! Part XII – Field Battle


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