Late Medieval Martial Service Contracts at Pennsic War XL, Part IV – The Mother of All Battles

For the story up to now, please see parts I, II, and III

I awoke extra early Monday morning to arm myself. The other fighters in camp gave me some strange looks when I strolled out more than an hour before muster. When I arrived at the Brotherhood encampment I was informed that Savaric would not be fighting with us. He was to marshal the battle, leaving Roderick in charge. This was not a problem. I’m certain that when commissioned to fight with a company or under a particular lord’s banner in the middle ages you wouldn’t directly, or even indirectly, follow that individual. We were to fight as the King’s guard however. With that in mind the troops marched to Midrealm Royal camp to escort His Majesty. A grand entrance we made onto the field. At that point we settled to wait for final assembly and instructions to move out.

The Middle Kingdom was to defend the castle first. My place with the army was on the right flank in front. I was shield to Conri’s spear. It was fun but we were forced to retreat into the castle. From there we attempted to stop the enemy forces from coming around our far right but to no avail. The opposing army had taken the castle. We needed to get it back. It was now our turn to attack. Right up the center we ran, knocking back wave after wave. Dust got kicked up when we hit the road but we kept pushing all the way around and into the castle, eventually retaking it and ending the morning’s conflict. I had not exerted myself that hard for that long in some time. Cameron and Amelie held a field court as I hydrated, but immediately sought rest after and retired to my pavilion.

I was still under contract until Savaric released me so in the early evening I headed back to his camp. I had been invited back for dinner, which I was grateful for, and the night was full of merriment. I was able to socialize with the fine soldiers I had the pleasure to fight with earlier in the day. The night wore on and His Excellency asked for a table to be set. We all gathered around, including the King and Queen. With their Majesties came our contracts, freshly stamped with the kingdom seal.

On the back of the contract lies the signatures of the King and Queen and their seal.

Many kind words were spoken about our deeds. I was humbled and honored. It was time to conclude our affairs. Count Savaric spoke some special words to myself and the group before we shared a drink from his mug and payment was issued. He was not content with paying the 2 oxen yoke worth. No. I was compensated with a hand struck coin of solid gold. Savaric was generous in his gift, his praise, and his hospitality. I will cherish the memories as well as the tokens from our agreement.

My half of the Brotherhood contract beside a gold coin payment for my service.

Next… Part V – Five Bridges


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