English Knight/Man-at-Arms circa 1350


The overriding goal is to look like a medieval man from a particular place and time. For me, that is an English nobleman from about 1350. I plan to cover both my civilian clothing and military equipment.

I started in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) with a vague idea of what a medieval person wore. I knew that I liked knights at height of chivalry, plate armor, and that I was uncomfortable with tights and puffy shoulders. This eventually led to a focus on the 14th century in general. The battles of Crecy and Poitiers in particular were most exciting, being major English-won battles during the Hundred Years War. With that in mind I limited my recreation to between 1340 and 1360. Then I was introduced to The Order of Saint Sebastian; a 14th century living history group that reenacts English archers in the year 1359. Working within that time frame tightened up my research even more and when I began to assemble armor for SCA purposes, it made sense to keep a similar time frame. The narrow window seemed necessary to get it “right”.

Household Archer. Olde English Faire in Peoria, IL. June, 2014.

This blog will help document my kit is at its present state. Historical costume is always a work in progress. Elements will have photos and illustrations with explanatory text provided when necessary. Sources will be cited when it is imperative or convenient.